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Bill Perkins Art Collections

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Artwork by Bill Perkins

Each image may be purchased as a canvas print, framed print, metal print, and more! Every purchase comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

About Bill Perkins

Bill Perkins Worth a second and third look - and perhaps much and many more also as due to the patterns of compelling complex imagery as all within the highly original fine arts designs - the artworks of drawings and the other related arts works as by Bill Perkins speak volumes of content no less too!

Just take a recent composition of Fairy Houses as by him as for a breakdown of parts of the project so far completed: 1) "Stumptown Lodgings" so titled small black lined drawing completed within some 2 days as started as an art demonstration at The Bohemian Treasures arts crafts store located in Beaverton, Oregon one Saturday afternoon in the Summer. 2) Later the design of a small drawing in black lines titled as "Dandy Gnome" completed at Artists Studio as a companion piece to the first drawing. It is incorporated with the first drawing in a next project covered as in 3) Fairy Houses large copy representation of Breakfast time with coffee and pie in Stumptown, Portland, Oregon scene. The Dandy Gnome takes its place in the far reading corner opposite of Stumptown Lodgings fairy house depiction in it as at the immediate left of it. 4) Fairy Houses is now in the process of being colorized completely as by the Artist for a new version of it to be then designated as a "Fairy Houses Variation" to be posted to this site when it is done.

So keep watching this website as for new important upgrades, Blog entries of insightful arts history as such along with poetry and related arts topics as all by this Artist? Seek and find then that too - and even more as for that second and third look soon - and perhaps even then also very much more as well?

STATEMENT: "Art is all about a good difference to our very lives - for when art changes and moves us all with its direction and logic of objectives our own lives are very much so transformed!" - Bill Perkins (as literally so quoted). Art so therefore makes a difference as for change in the world today by powerfully bringing us all together to yet well improve our very lives and the environment decently and also positively for all as it is really perhaps so intended to. Do you get this? A true Master of Arts is one whom perhaps influences us by allowing us all to participate as so in such transformations as such too. So it is very powerful as to keeping to these ideals everyday and therefore expressing them as a discipline in products and it is a professional Artists greatest responsibility that may so better all with those ends mindfully done. But how now do you respond to just that? Does it make you think? What would you say to it? I hope you indulge me for the specifics just on this? Art is for everyone!

ABOUT THE ARTIST: So it is that Bill Perkins is an artist who hails from Portland, Oregon presently. He has completed many important and major arts projects. He thinks so - and has the proof of it! This is where to find this one's works. I hope you enjoy it. So welcome to it too!

It is perhaps important that you don't confuse him with the others of same name too readily as there are, or maybe quite a many few or several of them as is? That is okay. Sure enough that might be too?

Would you like to go directly to the pictures now? You may! Or read on for a lot more?

NOTE #1: See Blog "J" here online for a great slide show of this artist? And thereon read more for it all too? Also discover number puzzles, domino puzzles and some poetry herein this total Blog site of files by him too. Bill has a lot to share! So enjoy!

HIS BACKGROUND: About his background now? It takes a lot for some fantasy art to come to fruition as you might suspect for sure! About as much to attend with all in ones present for it too? So he happily works at a job for taking attendance for mental health patients in a local day program in downtown Hillsboro, Oregon that runs a regular 4 days a week. Has been keeping this important and helpful job for more than 5 years now and counting too. You might see it helps him to continue to better survive in this our countries awful down turned economy? Also he is a Volunteer Activities Director for more work with the company for movies and games with music appreciation there amongst his helping with it for fun and experience too. So he does share a lot? Certainly!

FINDING THE ARTS AND ARTIST: So about the arts and this Artist? Much is in this background. He perhaps makes it no mystery and lays it out like the artist he is now? He also likes using technical pens on poster board such as bristol board and he colors his work with fine colored markers too. It is very intense!

THE WORKING MODES AND HIS PHILOSOPHY OF ARTS: It is no small thing that is a philosophy now that the Artist as a competent working agent of artistry should be a good arranger and composer for the arts whenever it is in practice as according to this one. Find it in typical examples of these works herein? Therefore as much as something like as in the music for arts as a topic should be relevant as such and so basically instrumental as for arts activities as well with other such related types of arts of kinds as they might so pertain also? For they all have the message of "amusements" per examples as they do entertain us? So arranging parts of compositions of depictions and composing properly such all so too is to be considered a very deserving and likely medium sort of thing in relation from a 1 arts to another 1 as a serious undertaking wherever it may be present and deserving for the artist also. NOTE #2: See herein the "Squashington Square" and "Game Triangle" parts of that as for some true classic references by examples of arranged subjects with composition types also? So it is that the hats of "Arranger" and "Composer" should now always be as really evident for this artist typically too! Do you then perhaps find it as in his works with your keen study of that all for it too? You might if you do look! So do look?

A RECENT PROJECT: It is now a one big and major project just completed! Bill has recently finished writing and publishing in 2011 his "Protopoetics" - a poetry and arts book of 61 pages, 7 chapters, and 22 poems with online! It is available now to the public online at too and may be thereon viewed as a preview in its entirety in 63 plates as well.

ONGOING PROJECTS: He is presently (as further inspired and as an ongoing project) also breaking ground on working on a grand and fully developed family and children's book about friendly garden and forest gnomes presently. You may find them (these gnomes) readily throughout many of the art pieces online herein. He calls them the "Oregon Rain Gnomes". They are really quite charming. The appeal of them is well kept too! Do you know of any of them? I would!

HIS VALUES: So he is looking for those who attach value to art and the arts too as there is very fine values of all kinds of expression for arts today and more - he just would like to find those with those attachments? That would be a great connection! Check out also then the several extent Blog entries hereon this site too for more games, puzzles and recent projects he is yet working on? It is very entertaining. There is a lot to it too. It is then for him about the many years of involved study with graduation from the disciplines of that with Honors and a high grade of the community college training and then returning the good experience of that with some real intended of giving back to the whole scene of the local kind that it is in! This is all about better and further relating now as by being transformed with fine arts medias! Perhaps the position of the 1 who experiences or participates with that is understated too? But anyone is counted in with that! There will be many more soon to come! It is to be certainly guaranteed as more and more discover this special site? There is much in the light of this for him now to do? There will be more to come! Perhaps too much as has already been set up as granted? Or perhaps not? So what will become of that next too? Are you excited as he is as this artist in sharing with you?

NOTE #3: Here is a thing worth checking on too? One of a favorite blog entry is on his current status with his production of a project for Playing Cards BINGO as a major new adaptation of the genre of card playing and with a crossing of BINGO with it for a brand new kind of twist for popular playing! Check it out herein to find pictures and his ongoing discussions of the many features for it as this exciting plan for card play and BINGO comes to fruition much like the domino book previously published with him in 2001? Yes, it is guaranteed to even be adaptable for BIG BINGO game Halls too as well as the Family Den for groups too. So it is bound to please about most anyone who plays those kinds of newly developed games!

NOTE #4: See also here the following below for an outline of some things also on his resume he has already done in his past history:

EDUCATION: Honors Graduate of Portland Community College with 2 degrees - 1) AAS in Technical Illustration 1988 & 2) AAS in General Studies 1988 & a 1st year of Architectural Drafting completed. Also other various postgraduate computer and writing classes at PCC too.

1) Dominoes Plus, The Dominoforms Handbook - published by Writers Club Press of iUniverse in 2001 ISBN #0-595-20576-3/ - it was recently updated to an electronic e-book format for the whole market - buy one today whether it is as in soft copy or by e-book?
2) Protopoetics - poetry and arts book published 2010 and 2011 by Lulu Publishers (no ISBN number of reference yet on this book now) - buy it soon?
3) Featured poem of "Card Menagerie" in The International Who's Who of Poetry for 2007 too.
4) 2 Calendars formerly for the year of 2011 available and for sale at online by Lulu Publishers
5) The Artfull Garden Calendar of Year 2012 was this year available for $16.00 in The Artful Garden store in Hillsboro, Oregon locality!
NOTE #5: Also 2 copies of Dominoes Plus are signed by this artist and available at Jacobsen's Books & More across from The Artfull Garden store now - check that out by a visit with Tina the checkout counter Owner sometime soon to get a copy of it - all with my thanks too!

AWARDS: 1) Phi Theta Kappa Honors Graduate in 1988 2) Editor's Choice Outstanding Achievement Award In Poetry from and the International Library of Poetry in August 2006 3) " " " Achievement Award in Poetry from " and " in March 2008.

RECENT HONORS: In last few years happily "Employee of the Month" 4 times at his Comfort Zone Attendance Director position. Featured in Newspaper Articles: July 30, 2010 Argus of Hillsboro, Oregon Section C Focus Writers Joann Boatwright's Story titled "Gnome Man" featuring bio, recently chosen as "Artist of the Month" in 2011 for the downtown Artwalk Tuesday. That article is also now online at the Argus website under the same story title.

NOTE #5: Protopoetics - a books so titled as published by Bill P. is available online at with these features included in it:
- 22 original poems (that range from fantasy arts and gnomes to finding coffee in the morning and politics as topics),
- 61 pages (all are incredibly designed for greater interests added in Bill's original poetry),
- 7 chapters (all with very whimsical fantasy art related titles such as finding coffee shops, far away kingdoms, marvelous beasts and monsters),
- more than 2x12 art works in its many pages too (for going hunting through with massive arts contents all on their own),
- Biography (i.e. of Bill Perkins, the author),
- List page of all the many books Illustrations,
- Book Club Study Guide pages for Protopoetics (with a few study questions for them too).

THE RECENTLY PUBLISHED - "PROTOPOETICS": This poetry book of Protopoetics is completely wrote, illustrated, designed and even revised all by the author of it - Bill Perkins himself. Have you seen it too? So be aware of just that prodigious accomplishment as a fact? The 21st poem at books end of "An American Empowerment" is perhaps a special to be highlighted and so verily promoted one poem in it in chapter 7 that polishes off the whole tome and collection as well for it? Enjoy it - and check it out soon? Online at Lulu there is a 63-plate demo for all of its pages available to all who key on to the site! So seek and find that too? There may be other books of his publication in the future too!